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Officer stops traffic on busy interstate to save dog hit by car

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It’s easy for a loose dog to get into a bad situation they can’t get out of, but luckily there are kind people out there who won’t hesitate to go out and rescue these helpless animals.

That was the case for one police officer, who ran out into traffic to save a dog in serious danger.

In September 2019, a dog wandered onto a busy interstate in Pinellas Park, Florida, and had been struck by a vehicle. Lying injured on the road as cars passed by, he was thankfully spotted by Officer Puglia of the Pinellas Park Police Department.

The officer wasted no time in coming to the dog’s aid. He swerved over with his police vehicle to block traffic, then got out to help the dog.

Thankfully, the dog was still alive. The officers rushed him to Pinellas Animal Hospital.

After some treatment and examinations, they realized the injured dog would make a full recovery. The only downside was the dog was also not microchipped, which made it difficult to find its owner.

Still, the dog was alive and safe, thanks to the quick-thinking of Officer Puglia. His police department commended him on his actions.

“This incident is just another example of the dedication and compassion our officers have for our four legged friends,” the department wrote on Facebook.

“Great job to Ofc. Puglia.”

We’re so glad this dog is okay! Thank you to this officer for acting fast and going out of his way to rescue this dog.

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