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Dog Who’s Scared Of Fireworks Wears Headphones & Watches Videos On iPad To Relax

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Almost every dog is scared of fireworks. The 4th of July can be a fun time of the year for humans, but not so much for our canine companions. But if we think ahead for them, they won’t have to be running around nervously and frantically trying to find a place to hide and feel safe.

Now this family ensured their dog is soothed and relaxed all throughout the 4th of July. This 6-year-old Golden Retriever dog named Joey is scared of fireworks. So to help him relax, his family had him wear headphones and watch videos on an iPad.

Joey’s human, a woman named Emily, posted a short video of him on Twitter while he’s wearing headphones and watching videos, and everyone melted for him. Check out the video below!


Everyone loved Joey. The video garnered over 120,000 retweets and 200,000 LIKES! The video even got featured on Today’s news!

Joey is lucky to have such a wonderful family who’s concerned about his well-being.

How about you? How did you make your dog feel relaxed during the 4th of July? Tell us about it in the comments section below!

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You can also read more about Joey’s story on BuzzFeed.

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