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Dog Gets Stuck In Coconut Tree, Provides Photoshop Inspiration For Hilarious Parodies

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Huskies are known athletes and escape artists, and this little guy’s mischief has spawned a whole slew of hilarious photoshop parodies!

When this pup climbed a coconut tree, he somehow got stuck in a strange position. Much to the delight of the internet audience, the antic was caught on camera and its image has been superimposed into dozens of different scenes!

Here is the original photo:

Image Source: Bored Panda

Bored Panda has encouraged readers to show off their Photoshop skills and contribute to this article. In the meantime, enjoy some of the masterpieces that this silly Husky pup has inspired!

(Note: no dogs were harmed in the making of these photos.)

Check ’em out:

1 – Riding On A Wrecking Ball

Image Source: artunitinc via Bored Panda

2 – Cruisin’ Canine

Image Source: Criticalg via Bored Panda

3 – Return Of The Canine

Image Source: DrWankalot via Bored Panda

4 – Husky On A High Wire

Blokatt via Bored Panda

5 – Stealthy Survivor

Image Source: RexLeou via Bored Panda

6 – Fast & Furryous

Image Source: DSKRONEK via Bored Panda

7 – Quidditch Canine

Image Source: NihiloEx via Bored Panda

8 – Hairy Pupper

Image Source: sqrk_ via Bored Panda

9 – The Giraffe Wrangler

Image Source: abcakaalex via Bored Panda

10 – Pooch At The Playground

Image Source: frings_demise via Bored Panda

11 – A Canine To Catch ‘Em All!

Image Source: ChrisLee38 via Bored Panda

12 – Dog-ter Seuss

13 – Canine On A Carousel (With A Grumpy Topher Grace)

Image Source: overbread via Bored Panda

14 – Barker On A Broomstick

Image Source: Camty1 via Bored Panda

15 – Home On The Range

Image Source: StaticBeat via Bored Panda

16 – Firehouse Dog

Image Source: Uber_Hyper_Cube via Bored Panda

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