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Woman Sees Homeless Man Pushing Cart Full Of Stray Dogs, Stops To Ask His Story

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California man Steve was left shattered after being rendered homeless back in 2001. But in his darkest days, the heartbroken man found solace in the company of the stray dogs who were sad, lonely and homeless just like him. Gradually, Steve began spending a major chunk of his meager income in feeding and caring for all the homeless dogs in his vicinity.

Source: Kelley Seaton/Facebook

Roughly 15 years later, Steve decided to travel to Indiana to see a friend. At that time, he was caring for 11 homeless dogs. So he made a makeshift vehicle out of a bicycle and a shopping cart to carry his furry family along with him. However, he had no idea that fortune would finally smile on him during this special trip!

Source: Kelley Seaton/Facebook

When a woman named Alicia spotted Steve pedaling his doggie-cart on the freeway, she was confused. She ignored him at first, but was forced to intervene when she realized that the man was helplessly exhausted. Alicia was beyond shocked when she heard Steve’s endearing story, and she immediately made it her mission to find help for him and his 11 dogs!

Source: Kelley Seaton/Facebook

Alicia reached out to many local rescuers and informed them of Steve’s situation. Everyone was touched by the homeless man’s sincere love for his dogs. They convinced the man to stop camping outside and temporarily arranged for his stay at a pet-friendly motel. Later, they shared his story on social media and started a fundraiser to help him with his journey.

Source: Kelley Seaton/Facebook

The fundraiser was met with a staggering response as hundreds of people chipped in to help Steve take care of his dogs. Thanks to the generous donations, the rescuers were able to get Steve’s dogs the medical attention they needed within a couple of days!

Source: Kelley Seaton/Facebook

Poor Steve had a hard time believing that all the kindness bestowed on him was real. He was completely caught off guard when the rescuers bought him his very own trailer to make sure he and his dogs never stay homeless again! After living a deprived life for decades, Steve has finally found his fairytale happy ending with his dogs!

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Click the video below to watch how Steve’s love and dedication toward his dogs turned his life around!

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