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Puppy Cried For Help In 130-Degree Car Until Good Samaritan Arrived

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Dogs and children should never be left unattended in a car, especially when the sun’s shining down on them. For most people, this is common sense. Yet, others don’t think twice about it, which puts so many innocent pups in danger.

Boomer the gray puppy was a victim of heat exhaustion. Sadly, his so-called parent left him alone in hot car in California, where it was about 100 degrees Fahrenheit outside. Boomer had no choice but to cry for help. No real dog parent would ever put a poor dog through so much trauma.

Boomer’s Life-Saving Barks

When Boomer was left in the car, it was about 99 degrees outside. Yet, it was likely even hotter inside because cars can heat up like ovens. The poor pup had no choice but to bark at the top of his lungs. He continuously yelped and shrieked until he caught a kind stranger’s attention.

Image: @RCSD.Official/Facebook

The stranger saw Boomer in the car and quickly feared the worst. Poor Boomer was barely moving as temperatures soared. So, the kind person found a way to pull the pup to safety. He also managed to perform life-saving aid to the overheating pup. In the process, he reached out to the Riverside County Sheriff’s Office. They rushed to the scene.

Officers measured the temperature of the car and discovered that it was 130 degrees Fahrenheit inside. If the pup had stayed in there any longer, he might not have made it. They rushed Boomer to the Ramona Humane Society, where they gave him love and addressed his medical needs. Soon after, they located the owner of the car and arrested them for animal cruelty.

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A Reminder for Dog Parents

When the sheriff’s office posted about this rescue on Facebook, they made sure to remind dog parents of the dangers of hot cars. Even if it’s cloudy and the car windows are cracked, it could still heat up fast. So, it’s best to never leave your dog alone in a car regardless of the circumstances.

“As a reminder, NEVER leave children or pets alone in a vehicle for even a moment. Temperatures inside a closed vehicle can reach more than 120°F within minutes, even with the windows partly opened on a cloudy day. Exposure to such high temperatures can quickly kill a person or pet. A body temperature of just 107°F may cause brain damage or death from heat stroke,” the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department wrote on Facebook.

The officers also reminded everyone that dogs cannot regulate heat as well as humans. They can’t sweat, so their methods of cooling down are either panting, finding shade, getting wet, or drinking water. Thus, they’re more prone to heat stroke. Dogs cannot directly tell us when something is wrong, so it’s important for family members to be responsible. Boomer was lucky that help arrived in time, but there are many other dogs out there in danger. So, please don’t ever leave your pup in a hot car.

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