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Senior Stray Dog Hadn’t Been Groomed In Years, But After A Haircut, He Acts Like A Puppy Again

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This is the story of a Poodle named Beans who seemed to “grow younger” after finally getting a life-changing haircut!

The senior pup, who’s thought to be 12-years-old, was found as a stray and in rough shape. He was filthy and covered with severe mats that must have made every move incredibly uncomfortable. It appeared that he hadn’t been groomed in years, or maybe ever in his life.

Image Source:  Muttville Senior Dog Rescue
Image Source:  Muttville Senior Dog Rescue

Beans was taken to the county shelter, where he got his lucky break after they contacted the Muttville Senior Dog Rescue on his behalf. The rescue, located in San Francisco, was glad to take the deserving dog into their care. Beans finally got a much-needed haircut from a dedicated volunteer groomer who couldn’t wait to free him from his knotted prison.

Watch the incredible transformation below:

After getting the painful, itchy mats cut away, Beans was finally able to move comfortably and freely, and acted like a puppy again! With his new ‘do and lease on life, this plucky Poodle is ready to share his love with a local family, and finally enjoy his golden years as a loved and spoiled pup.

Image Source:  Muttville Senior Dog Rescue

Could you be the family that Beans is looking for? If you live near San Francisco and would like to apply for his adoption, check out his profile by clicking here. You can also share his story on Facebook.

Special thanks to Muttville Senior Dog Rescue for the wonderful work they do. If you’d like to donate to help them save more senior dogs like Beans, click here.

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