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Officer refuses to leave 2 scared Pitbulls after finding them abandoned on street

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It was 4:30 in the early morning when Patrick Hennessey was heading to work and suddenly stumbled upon a shocking scene in the middle of a dark, busy road.

At first, he couldn’t quite figure out what the shadows were, but as he got closer, that’s when the image became clearer to him. The shadows were from 2 pitbull dogs who were injured, he knew that they badly need help, so he did the necessary.

Patrick called the cops to ask for help but the way the Pitbulls responded was not what they expected.

Two Orange County Sheriff’s officers came to their rescue and went to the scene where the dogs were found as fast as they could. And when an officer extended his hand, one of the dogs immediately hopped at him.

The pup knew that they were there to save them.

Source: Facebook/OrangeCoSheriff

The dogs were obviously scared- they were abandoned, not to mention that they were deserted in the middle of a raging road.

Even so, the Pitbulls weren’t able to hold their emotions back.

It was evident that they felt ecstatic because they felt secured at that very moment. Who could say no to two uniformed officers?

Source: Facebook/OrangeCoSheriff

Deputies Boggs and Reed were the heroes that day but they were devastated by something they saw.

One of the dogs was bleeding pretty badly so they applied gauze to attend to the injury. Thinking about where they were found, the dog’s injuries were possibly caused by being hit by a car.

On the other hand, a passerby named Adam took a couple of snaps of the kindhearted officers as they attended to the poor dogs on the road.

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Adam was moved by the kind gesture of the two officers and wanted to thank them for going the extra mile. He sent the photos showing their heroism to Florida’s Orange County Sheriff’s Office with a caption:

“These pictures I took depict a loving nature from our deputies and will tug at any animal lover’s heart strings. Thank you.”

The officers’ kindness didn’t stop with attending to the injured dogs.

They stuck to their job description- “to protect and to serve” -and didn’t leave the injured pooches behind.

The poor pitties were already abandoned once by their negligent owners. They vowed to never let the same traumatic experience happen to them again.

Source: Facebook/OrangeCoSheriff

The concerned officers stuck around while waiting for the Animal Services to arrive.

In the meantime, they played with the dogs and gave them cuddles and kisses.

Orange County Deputy Officer Steven Reed told the Orlando Sentinel that Pitbulls are cuddlier than what most people think:

“There’s a big misconception when it comes to pitbulls. I can’t tell you how many times I got nuzzled and licked by those dogs. Just a week after we brought them to Animal Services, they were the happiest dogs I’ve ever seen.”

Source: Pexels

Meet the lucky Pitties who were rescued by our hero officers.

The two Pitbulls were named Justice and Liberty, it fits them since that’s exactly what they received upon being rescued by officers Reed and Boggs.

They were both rescued and brought over to the Orange County Animal Services and pretty soon, the animal shelter released a “pupdate” concerning the two dogs.

Source: Facebook/Orange County Animal Services

“We want Justice (A362290) and Liberty (A362289) to find a forever home. Hopefully together. Please adopt them. The deputies are spoken for :)”

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Reuniting with their heroes!

Source: Facebook/OrangeCoSheriff

In an update video shared by Orange County Sheriff’s Office, Florida on their official Facebook page, Justice and Liberty were reunited with their hero cops.

Source: Facebook/OrangeCoSheriff

They obviously remembered their rescuers as they went head over heels upon seeing them again.

They snuggled with the officers and let them hug and pet them.

They were so excited because their tails were wagging non-stop like a windmill. This is a beautiful story of kindness and going beyond expectations.

Officers Reed and Boggs proved to us that their uniforms don’t limit them from the kind of service that they can offer, not only to humans but also for animals.

We can’t imagine what life could’ve been for Justice and Liberty if they ended up wandering on the streets.

Watch Justice and Liberty give their heroes some serious “thank you hugs” in the video below.

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