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Owner Emotional When The Dog With No Front Legs Takes Off Running With Her 1st Pair Of Prosthetics

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Everyone can experience acceptance and love at the Safe in Austin Rescue Ranch in Texas. The reason behind this is that many of the farm’s animals have specific needs or are abused and neglected survivors.

Therefore, it can have a therapeutic effect when a child with a congenital hand anomaly like Harper Wulms visits the farms and meets a rescued turkey with a “lucky claw” like Priscilla.

The sanctuary’s founder, Jaime Wallace-Griner, told The Washington Post, “There is something absolutely magical about watching a child with differences come out here and say, ‘They’re just like me.’ When you see Harper holding Priscilla’s lucky hand with her own lucky hand, it just does so much for her heart.”

Animals that otherwise would have been neglected or put to death.

“We have animals that are blind or deaf, have diabetes, cerebral palsy, deformities, missing limbs, broken spines … they all become part of our family,” Wallace-Griner said.

Halo, a Great Pyrenees puppy, is one of the creatures you might see at the sanctuary. When a breeder determined Halo couldn’t be used, the breeder left her in a box. Halo was thankfully saved by Wallace-Griner and treated properly.

Halo ultimately needed her hind leg severed and her front two rebuilt. Wallace-Griner noted that she didn’t appear to be aware of her differences from the other dogs, though.

She has always been a kind girl with a cheerful disposition.

Halo formerly moved around by hopping, but she recently obtained a set of OrthoPets prosthetic legs. It was the cutest thing to see her expression when she first used her new legs!

“I have no words. I can’t believe it,” Wallace-Griner wrote on Facebook.

They were placed on Halo carefully by Wallace-Griner so that she could feel secure. Halo spent some time with them while becoming cozy. She then stood tall and independently.

Halo instantly stepped onto a mat Wallace-Griner pulled out with her new legs.

Wallace-Griner was grinning ear to ear. Halo must have been very fond of the man who arrived at the farm’s entrance because she went right up to him.

Halo soon joined the other dogs in the yard for some canine playtime. Wallace-Griner posted on Facebook, “With a big giant pride-filled smile, while I wept (The blubbering starts at 5:15).”

“It’s been an insane rollercoaster of challenges and emotions over the last year. From the moment I brought this little wounded, 4-week-old, one-legged fluff ball home, I knew she was something special! Look what we did guys. Just look at our Halo go! ”

Many individuals applauded and showed their appreciation for Halo’s success. In the video below, you may see her for yourself.

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