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Dying Man’s Condition Improves Significantly After Being Reunited With His Dog

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n their latter years, elderly people in general rely on their pets to provide comfort, support them through difficult times, and combat loneliness. A senior citizen loves his dog more than anything since he has always been there for him in his darkest hours.

In 2014, the elderly man, James Wathen, was in critical condition at the Baptist Health facility in Corbin, Kentucky. Unfortunately, while in the hospital, he was separated from Bubba, his Chihuahua who only had one eye.

Unfortunately, as a result, Bubba and James went six weeks without eating. James’ condition had an impact on both his physical and mental health, therefore the nurses made the decision to do everything they could to help James reunite with his dog.

Bubba, who was being looked for by a foster family, and James have reunited thanks to the nurses. At the hospital, there was a reunion. When James first met Bubba, he burst into tears of pleasure, and Bubba began to hold him. James saw Bubba and was immediately touched.

James started sitting up and eating in a great way the next day! It was the great effect of reuniting with Bubba! So, the staff of the shelter and the hospital set regular visits for Bubba to see James. How great! Watch the video below.

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