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Man Gets Out To Check On A Dumped Dog, And She Jumps In The Truck

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While on the road, Jonathan spotted a dog wandering along the shoulder. The dog appeared lost and unsure, so when Jonathan got out of his truck to check on it, the dog jumped in. With no other options, the dog had to make a move.

Jonathan named the dog Maggie and after a trip to the vet, it was determined she was in good health. Jonathan brought her home and gradually introduced her to his baby and another dog. It was clear they would all get along well. The result is a happy family with all members being close friends. 😊

We are a small group of dog-loving people who decided to undertake this small project to help dogs that are abandoned in the streets. Using a % of the money raised from sales, we take care of feeding them and grant them a home to live in.

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