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Rescue Puppy Comforts Grieving Mom After A Miscarriage

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Millie is a 3-year-old rescue dog that’s completely obsessed with her human brother, Arlo. When Arlo was born, Millie adopted the little boy as her own. Arlo understood from a very young age that Millie is the gentlest pup.

When Millie makes her way over to Arlo to give him kisses, the baby immediately understands that it’s time for a play session (and it’s the cutest thing ever!) Arlo also loves to feed Millie from his highchair. They’re just two peas in a pod!

Besides Millie’s amazing relationship with Arlo, Millie also has a special bond with her mom. The pup came into her mom’s life at a rough time. Millie’s mama had just suffered a miscarriage. She needed to be surrounded by unconditional love and that’s exactly what Millie provided.

Arlo, his mama’s miracle baby, came soon after and the family is now officially complete. Watching this will give you all the feels and then some, especially when Millie helps Arlo learn how to walk. We are so happy Millie’s mom knew to adopt and not shop! Spread the word– rescues make the best family members!

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