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Spanish Street Dog Instantly Adjusts To Life Of Luxury In His New Home

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When Mango the Galgo was found, he was wandering around a Spanish train station. The poor puppy was all alone and severely underweight. But after an American couple took one look at this gorgeous guy’s face, they were ready to welcome him into their family.

You’ll never guess what the former street dog did almost immediately upon arriving at his new home in America.

Despite knowing almost nothing about him, or his personality, Blake and Jane were “all in.” All it took was one look at this precious pooch’s face, and they knew that Mango was meant to be a member of their family.

This super sweet boy went from being a street dog to living as a “domesticated dog” in an American household. So his new mom and dad weren’t quite sure how he would react after living on the street, taking an eight and a half hour flight, and then finding himself in the home of two strangers.

But within a mere five minutes of arriving in his new home, he was crawling up on the couch, clamoring for cuddles! He was so loving and trusting straight off the plane from Spain! It didn’t matter that they had essentially just met, Mango wanted all the pets.

The one-year-old pup had never seen stairs before, so for a while, his mom and dad had to carry him up and down the stairs. But it wasn’t very long before the love, and the training he was getting gave him the confidence he needed to truly come into his own.

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He even earned himself the adorable new nickname, “Twinkle Toes,” after the fancy way he likes to splay his paws. (It’s almost as if he’s in permanent “first position.”)

Greyhound vs Galgo

Mango is a Galgo or a “Spanish Greyhound.” Despite being called a “Greyhound,” the Spanish Galgo is not a Greyhound at all. While both the Greyhound and the Galgo are sighthound breeds or dogs that hunt by sight and speed, and they have similar temperaments, they differ genetically.

Perhaps the most prominent differences are their size and build. In general, Galgos are smaller than Greyhounds, but their bodies are longer. Why? Because Galgos are built for endurance, while Greyhounds are suited for sprinting. That’s why Greyhounds are often used for racing, while Galgos are typically used for hunting.

To keep up with Mango on his many adventures with his loving family, you can follow him on his Instagram page. >>… RELATED POST: Deaf senior dog finally finds a home after spending 11 years as a stray

Check out Mango’s rescue story in the awesome video below.

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