Claude, a greyhound, had spent two years of his life locked in an outdoor pen until he was taken in by the Brightside Farm Sanctuary in Tasmania, Australia. Despite the allure of the outside world, outdoor living posed numerous risks and loneliness for the poor pup. Claude’s original owner had intended to train him as a racer, but lost interest, leaving Claude forgotten in his pen. Fortunately, after two years, he was rescued by the sanctuary where his new family eventually found him.

Claude’s new parents were smitten with him, despite his initial reluctance to adapt to indoor living. However, with time, Claude developed a deep affection for his new family, and proved to be an excellent big brother to their newborn son. Additionally, he quickly befriended the family’s Ragdoll cat named Hero, and the two became inseparable.

Now living indoors, going outside for a run is a treat for Claude. He loves running on the beach, and it’s a sight to behold as greyhounds are incredibly fast. Claude is a sweet and gentle dog who has brought tremendous joy to his family. His story is a reminder that the love and companionship of a loyal pet are invaluable.

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