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Gentle Pitbull proves she is the best nanny for seven puppies

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Jasmyne, a 100-pound Pitbull, proves that dogs can be the best nannies, especially for baby animals. Elli, a rescuer, found Butter, a Beagle, in a warehouse breeding facility where the poor dog had spent her entire life. During the rescue, Butter had seven puppies with her, and she was so stressed that she refused to look at Elli. Elli’s Pitbull, Jasmyne, stepped in as the perfect nanny for the seven puppies while Butter took her time to get out of her shell.

Despite Jasmyne being deaf and easily startled, she was very gentle when she was around the puppies. Jasmyne became the perfect nanny for the puppies, rolling and allowing the seven puppies to crawl all over her body. Jasmyne would ensure that the puppies were in their place and helped Elli get some time to spend with Butter.

The Pitbull’s nurturing and gentle nature helped Butter come out of her shell quickly, and soon all the babies were adopted by loving families. Butter was grateful to Jasmyne for looking after her babies while she healed mentally. Dogs like Jasmyne prove that they are capable of fulfilling roles beyond being pets. >>… RELATED POST: video: Pit Bull Left Alone With Sleeping Baby

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