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Man Was Called To Rescue A Puppy Only, And Then He Looked Behind The Trash Cans

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Amidst heavy downpours, the staff at Michigan Humane Society received an emergency call about a dumped puppy sitting on an abandoned couch in the rain. But by the time rescue driver Chris Ouwerkerk arrived at the location, the puppy had disappeared.

After searching for a while, Chris found the puppy curled up and shivering between 2 garbage cans. Just as Chris called out to her, she came running from her hiding spot and jumped into the man’s arms. Relieved at the quick rescue, Chris got ready to drive back to the shelter. But he was forced to stop in his tracks when he heard a very loud “meow” coming from the trash cans!

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Chris went back and looked behind the trash cans only to find a tiny, soaking-wet kitten hiding in the bushes behind the trash can!

The rescuer realized that the kitten and the puppy were best friends and had been trying to keep each other warm. The 2 helpless babies had taken cover behind the trash cans during the terrifying rainstorm and were each other’s only source of comfort all this time.

The puppy, now named Camarin, was glad to be rescued by her kitten brother, Tomas. The pair received medical attention and necessary vaccinations at the shelter and spent the next few weeks cuddling and recovering together. The shelter has updated that both Camarin and Tomas have been adopted and are living cozy lives in their forever homes! Yay!

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Click the video below to watch Camarin and Tomas’ touching rescue after the heavy rains.

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