Small Chihuahua Left Alone At The Shelter Was Too Weak To Sit Up On Her Own.

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When life hands you lemons, they say you should make lemonade. And that’s exactly the optimistic outlook one small pooch and her caregivers took to make the most of the situation. And the final consequence of this positive view on life would be fantastic!

Chihuahua Lemon was left behind and brought to the shelter as a stray. Being barely two and a half pounds, she lacked the strength to sit up by herself. Her perseverance, though, was what got her through life, and it would help her a great deal on the road to rehabilitation and a better life.

Source: Jennifer Collier/YouTube

Update: Lemon was later said to have located her devoted family and permanent residence! The dog’s tale probably would have taken a very different turn if not for those who decided to act and prioritize saving her life.

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