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German Shepherd’s Reaction to Nana’s Lack of Attention is Heartbreaking

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If you have been away from your furry friend for a long time, you know how excited they get when you reunite. They crave attention to make up for the time you have been apart. This is what happened when a TikTok user @remibemmies visited her German Shepherd after a journey of over 2,000 kilometers. Although the animal received some affection from her, it was not enough, and he wanted more, as seen in the video.

The adorable dog that deserves more attention

@remibemmies Give me some attention Nana #alberta #family #nana #germanshepherd ♬ original sound – RemiiBemmies

The video shows the German Shepherd crying out for more love and attention from Nana, who apparently wasn’t giving him enough. Many TikTok users, such as @ryanws8667 and @karinannemarie, are urging Nana to give the dog the attention he deserves, insisting that her phone or anything else could wait. It’s hard not to want to shower a cute pup with love, as seen in the comment from @traveling2themoonnback, who couldn’t resist petting the adorable dog if they traveled 2,000 miles to see it.

Dogs crave attention, and when you haven’t seen them in a while, they want even more affection. This is what happened when the German Shepherd saw Nana after a long journey. Although she gave him some love, it was not enough for the furry friend, and he wanted more. TikTok users are calling on Nana to give the adorable dog more attention, and rightfully so. The video is a reminder that pets are part of our families and deserve our love and attention. >>… RELATED POST: German Shepherd Doesn’t Understand Why Tiny Fluff Ball Keeps Meowing

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