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German Shepherd Doesn’t Understand Why Tiny Fluff Ball Keeps Meowing

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The bond between giant dogs and tiny kittens can be magical, but it can also take time to develop. This was the case for Rocky, a German Shepherd who now shares an inseparable bond with his feline sibling. A video posted on YouTube by Rocky’s family shows one of the dog’s first interactions with the little kitten.

At the start of the video, Rocky is lying on the bed while a tiny white and orange kitten meows repeatedly. The German Shepherd seems baffled by the meowing fluff ball and sniffs the kitten a few times. However, once he realizes the little cat poses no threat and is, in fact, a friend, he begins to shower it with affection.

Rocky’s tongue is so big that it covers the whole kitten’s face when he licks the feline, but the kitten embraces the kisses and looks up at the dog for more. The two animals continue to grow closer, with Rocky eventually letting the kitten cuddle up beside him.

While this video is incredibly cute, it’s important to remember that not all animals warm up to each other this quickly. Introducing two animals to each other should always be done gradually to ensure their safety and comfort.

In conclusion, the unlikely friendship between Rocky and his tiny feline sibling is a heartwarming reminder of the love and joy that animals can bring into our lives. >>… RELATED POST: Two German Shepherds That Had Nothing But Each Other Are Looking For A Forever Home

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