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Dog Missing For Seven Months Wandered 80 Miles Across Three States

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Learn how a California rescue dog ended up in New York and was found after being missing for seven long months, wandering an incredible 80 miles across three states.

When a woman spotted a dog running along I-84 in Middletown, New York, on January 19, 2022, she called Pets Alive Animal Sanctuary for help. Nicole Asher of Buddha Dog Rescue & Recovery in New Jersey had also received a call about a loose dog that month. This dog was Teddy, a Shepherd mix who had been running along the highway for at least two weeks.

New York State Troopers attempted to catch Teddy, but he was too quick. Eventually, Asher discovered fresh tracks on January 21 and followed them to a farm where Teddy was hiding out. The anxious pup wouldn’t let anyone approach, but Asher was eventually able to lure him into a trap with some rotisserie chicken and hot dogs.

Teddy was taken to the Catskill Animal Hospital for assessment, where they discovered that he had a microchip. His family, who live in Washington D.C., was contacted and they were overjoyed to learn that Teddy had been found after being missing for seven months.

Teddy’s family initially saved him from a high-kill shelter in California. They saw his photo on social media in May of 2021 and were heartbroken by his story. Teddy’s previous owner had surrendered him after he was attacked by other dogs and had severe bite wounds on both shoulders, which required surgery and a difficult recovery.

After being placed on the adoption list, no one expressed any interest in Teddy due to his fearful behavior. Salvatore Della Monica flew from their D.C. home to Los Angeles to pick Teddy up. Then, less than a month later in June, the dog escaped through a hole in the fence during a family vacation in Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania.

Teddy endured a lot during his seven months outdoors and alone. He returned home with some brutal injuries and conditions, including Lyme disease and bullet wounds, which require extensive medical treatment. Teddy’s family set up a GoFundMe page to help cover his medical costs.

Teddy’s reunion with his family was made possible because he had a microchip. Becky Tegze, Executive Director of Pets Alive, emphasized the importance of microchipping pets. If Teddy had not been microchipped, no one would have known to look for his family in Washington, D.C. when he was found in New York. Follow Teddy on Instagram to see how he’s doing now that he’s home safe. Don’t forget to microchip your pets! >>… RELATED POST: Hikers Find Dog Missing for Almost a Month in Australian National Park

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