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Woman drives four hours to a shelter to save a dog ends up with three

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Kindness is a trait that comes naturally to some people. Such is the case with Shelly Blount, a passionate dog-lover who recently had an experience that left a profound mark on her. While scrolling through her social media feed, she came across a post about a dog that was about to be put down. Blount immediately called the shelter to try and do something about the situation. Fortunately, the dog was adopted just in time.

Source: Facebook – Sherry Blount Price

Inspired by her success, Blount asked the shelter if there were other dogs scheduled to be put down. She was eager to save a life even if it was the only thing she could do. So she drove four hours from Virginia to North Carolina to meet Caleb. When she arrived, she learned about two other dogs, Charisma and Bella, who were also scheduled to be put down.

Source: Facebook – Sherry Blount Price

Without hesitation, Blount decided to adopt all three dogs. She and her friend drove back to Virginia with five passengers in total. Caleb went to one of her friends, who already had a Labrador for him to play with. Bella went to Blount’s boyfriend, and Charisma stayed with Blount.

Source: Facebook – Sherry Blount Price

During the car ride, Charisma hugged and slept on Blount the entire time, while Bella was content sitting on Blount’s friend’s lap. Caleb was overjoyed and kept giving Blount kisses. The experience was so meaningful that Blount shared it on her social media accounts to encourage others to adopt pets in need of a home.

Source: Facebook – Sherry Blount Price

Blount’s kindness didn’t stop there. She later found out that Charisma was pregnant and decided to keep her as well. This act of kindness not only saved three lives but also had a ripple effect on others. Blount encourages everyone to adopt pets in need of a home and to follow her social media accounts for announcements about other dogs that need saving.

Source: Facebook – Sherry Blount Price
Source: Facebook – Sherry Blount Price

Please share this heartwarming story with your friends and family to encourage them to consider adopting a pet in need of a home.

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