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Mom Takes Dog To Forest To Face Her Fears & It Becomes Her Favorite Place

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The rescue of Honey, a skinny Pit Bull, is a heartwarming story of determination and kindness. Good Samaritans came across two Pit Bulls that had been abandoned in the forest, and were successful in rescuing one of them. However, the other, Honey, proved to be more difficult to catch. Enter Cheryl, an animal rescuer who was determined to save the pup.

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Despite several attempts to catch Honey, nothing seemed to work. But then, Cheryl had a stroke of genius. She realized that since the two dogs had been abandoned together, maybe Honey would feel more comfortable if another dog was present. And so, Cheryl brought along another dog, and it worked wonders. Honey was in heat, and she followed the other dog closely, allowing Cheryl to place a leash around her and bring her to safety.

Cheryl originally intended to take Honey to the shelter, but the poor pup had shut down and was in no condition to be in a stressful environment. So, Cheryl brought her home and took on the task of nursing Honey back to health, both physically and mentally. The healing process was long and slow, but Cheryl was determined to give Honey the second chance at life she deserved.

And the rest, as they say, is history. Honey’s story takes a full circle when she finds her favorite place – a heartwarming conclusion to a story of hope and resilience. Thanks to Cheryl, Honey was given a new lease on life and a place to call home.

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