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Dog Spared From Euthanasia Pays It Forward By Saving Another Dog

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A Pit Bull named Lady was set to be euthanized the same day her foster mom came to the rescue. Lady’s foster mom recognized Lady for the amazing dog that she is! She knew she’d make the perfect addition to a family. She called the rescue group and told them they had to get Lady out of the shelter immediately!

Amy and her roommate wanted to adopt a dog so they met Lady to see if she was the right match. Lady ran towards Amy at full tilt as if she knew this woman was going to be her human soulmate. The two bonded and Lady and Amy are now together 24/7. Amy explains in the video that Lady is more human-like than any other dog she’s ever met. Her ability to empathize and communicate is truly a gift. A gift that would save someone else’s life.

It was as if Lady understood that her life had been saved because when Amy adopted another dog, she paid it forward. Gus joined the family but sadly had a bouquet of challenges. Lady and Gus were complete opposites. Lady was easygoing and happy all the time but Gus had shut down. His trauma was deep inside his core. He didn’t want anything to do with his new family or anything for that matter. His anxiety was debilitating and this broke Amy’s heart.

Lady knew exactly what she had to do. It was now her turn to teach Gus how to feel safe and loved. The special dog knew she had to save Gus because her life was spared. What is life, after all, if you’re not really living?!

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This story is too incredible to miss. This tale in particular proves that dogs have the capacity to do so much more than ever dreamed of. See how Lady helps Gus in the video below.

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