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Dog Has Sweetest Reaction To Seeing Ocean For First Time After Years In Chains

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Hershel, a fluffy German Shepherd, had a rough start to his life, spending the first five years chained up in his owner’s backyard. After being rescued and adopted twice, he was returned to the shelter each time due to emotional trauma caused by his neglectful past. However, thanks to Found Animals and TV personality Rocky Kanaka, Hershel was selected to appear on the show “Dog’s Day Out,” where he was given the perfect day, full of new experiences, including playing in the snow, tasting a burrito and Starbucks Puppuccino, and giving out free bear hugs.

Thanks to Kanaka’s efforts, Hershel captured the hearts of many, and adoption applications poured in. Eventually, Hershel found his perfect forever family in Washington, but before leaving California, Kanaka decided to show Hershel one more “first”: the ocean. In a heartwarming video shared on YouTube, Hershel can be seen jumping, whining, and biting the waves with pure joy, finally experiencing the great, blue expanse of the Pacific Ocean for the first time. Two years later, Hershel is still thriving in his forever home, made possible by Kanaka’s decision to take a chance on a deserving dog. >>… RELATED POST: Sweetest Dog Who Was Set On Fire To Receive Hero Animal Award

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