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Dog With Three Legs Changes Color Once He’s Truly Loved

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Learn the inspiring story of a three-legged dog that changed color and found true love through the efforts of Sidewalk Specials and his foster mom, Janice. Despite being underweight, scaly, and having mobility issues, the rescuers did not give up on him. However, the dog was so afraid that he snapped at them during the rescue.

Fortunately, the dog was brought to the rescue center and found a loving foster home where he finally realized he belonged. Under Janice’s care, the dog’s health improved rapidly, and his once fearful eyes began to soften. In fact, his coat even changed color as his health improved, making him look completely different from before.

The three-legged dog became very attached to a toy and would not let it out of sight. Janice brought him to a pet store to buy another toy, and the dog’s reaction was hilarious. We hope that this adorable pup finds his forever home soon because he truly deserves it. >>… RELATED POST: Injured Surfside Collapse Response Dog Thanked With Free Flight Home

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