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Retired police K9 rescued after falling down 40-foot abandoned well

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Police K9 dogs are often regarded as heroes in law enforcement, but sometimes they need rescuing too. A recent incident occurred where a retired K9 was saved after falling down a 40-foot abandoned well.

According to the Chula Vista Fire Department, emergency crews received reports of a dog in a confined space on February 1, in Bonita, California. The dog in question was Indy, a nine-year-old German Shepard who served as a retired police K9. She had fallen into the well, which was 40 feet deep.

To rescue Indy, several emergency crews including Bonita Fire Protection, San Miguel Fire Department, Chula Vista Fire Department, and the San Diego Humane Society collaborated. The rescue operation lasted over four hours and lasted into the evening.

Chula Vista firefighter Fernando Bayardi, who was involved in the rescue operation, shared that the mission was challenging, and they tried various techniques and approaches before they succeeded. Finally, Bayardi secured a lasso around Indy’s neck and rescued her.

After the rescue, Indy was taken to South County Animal Hospital, where he received medical attention. Although Indy had surgery for a few wounds and suffered an 18-inch gash from the fall, his owner Mark Pugh stated that he was alert and on the road to recovery.

Pugh added that Indy needs to take a few more trips to the doctor and that it could take a few months before he is fully healed. But Pugh praised Indy’s strength and resilience, saying he’s a very strong German Shepherd.

We’re sending our best wishes to Indy for a quick recovery and express our gratitude to the emergency crews who worked hard to rescue him. >>… RELATED POST: “He would have done anything for you”: Officer breaks down after losing his K9 partner and best friend

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