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Dog Can’t Contain Her Excitement When Baby Human Appears

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Dogs have different reactions when a new child joins the family, but Chloe the fluffy dog is an excellent example of how dogs can show love and care towards their human siblings. Chloe’s owners recently shared a heartwarming video of her meeting her human baby brother Cody for the first time, which quickly went viral.

Before Cody’s birth, Chloe spent nine months by her human mom’s side, regularly cuddling up beside her belly. Chloe’s owners were hopeful that the dog’s enthusiasm would continue after Cody was born. To introduce Chloe and Cody, one parent stayed with Cody in a room while the other led Chloe into the room on a leash. As soon as Chloe realized there was a baby in the room, she couldn’t contain her excitement and pulled towards Cody.

Chloe sniffed Cody all over, wagging her tail with excitement, and showed her love for him immediately. Chloe’s love for Cody didn’t stop there; the two are now inseparable months later, with Chloe always by Cody’s side. The two play together, dress up for Halloween together, and have formed an unbreakable bond.

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Cody’s owners frequently share videos of their interactions, showcasing their strong and wholesome friendship. Even though they are always supervised when together, it doesn’t stop their love from growing. Chloe’s reaction to meeting Cody shows how dogs can love and care for their human siblings just like they would their own puppies. >>… RELATED POST: Mom Can’t Reach 8-Month-Old Baby Caught In Fire With Puppy, Dog ‘Sacrificed’ Himself To Save Her

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