An emaciated Pit Bull was saved from the shelter and taken in by an amazing foster family. She was so thin that she couldn’t walk on her own. Her fosters named her Khaleesi. They knew that had to feed her as often as possible. Thankfully the food motivated her to walk. She was, after all, starving!

“Bribing” Khaleesi with food worked miracles. She was eventually able to climb stairs and even keep up with her brother, Sonny. The sibling’s blossoming relationship transformed the sickly dog. Sonny weighed 70 pounds and could obviously hold his own yet he was so gentle with Khaleesi. Adorably, if Khaleesi ran out of steam and had to lay down, Sonny did too. He played with her at her speed.

As Sonny and Khaleesi continued to play, her body strengthened, especially when they wrestled and played tug-of-war. And of course, as they played and Khaleesi’s personality developed, her foster parents became more attached to her. What follows is incredibly heartwarming! Continue Khaleesi’s journey by scrolling down.

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