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Dog Trapped Inside 6-Foot Fence Lifts His Paw To Greet Rescuer

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An abandoned dog was cruelly thrown over a high and spiky fence that surrounded a church, leaving him trapped and alone. Luckily, a concerned citizen spotted the pup and reached out to an animal rescuer for help.

Upon arriving at the scene, the rescuer was astonished to see the dog’s condition. The poor pup was filthy, matted, and weighed down by his matted coat. Despite the circumstances, the dog remained hopeful, staring out from behind the fence, waiting for a savior.

Using her background in gymnastics, the rescuer was able to scale the fence and reach the pup. As they came face to face, something heartwarming happened. The dog lifted his paw to say hello and express gratitude as the rescuer knelt down to offer a treat.

The sweet moment was captured and shared on social media, where it quickly gained attention. The pup’s transformation is truly incredible and heartwarming. Will the deserving dog finally get his happily ever after? Watch the video to see for yourself! >>… RELATED POST: Little Dog Trapped In Pool Of Tar Kept Barking Until Someone Heard Him

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