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Dog found cruelly abandoned at train station next to a suitcase of belongings

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In January 2015, Kai, a young Sharpei mix dog, was discovered abandoned at a train station in Scotland alongside a suitcase filled with his belongings, including a pillow, a toy, food, and a bowl. Kai urgently required an eye operation and was perplexed by his situation. His story went viral, attracting numerous offers from around the world to take him in.

Scottish SPCA

The Scottish SPCA scanned Kai’s microchip, which revealed a prior owner who claimed to have sold him back in 2013. However, his new owner was unknown.

According to a CNN article, a woman from Aberdeenshire, Scotland, stated that the dog’s abandonment was the outcome of a botched online sale. She agreed to pay around $600 for the dog but changed her mind when she arrived at the train station to meet the seller. She said the seller left before she could speak with him, and she had to leave abruptly to avoid missing the last train. She was also worried about her daughter’s asthma.

In Scotland, abandoning animals is a federal offense under the Animal Health and Protection Act of 2006, and violators are prohibited from owning other animals.

Fortunately, Kai’s story had a happy ending. From hundreds of applicants, the Scottish SPCA selected Ian Russell, 52, as the most suitable candidate to provide Kai with a loving forever home.

Watch the video below to see how happy Kai is to meet his new owner. Some have compared Kai’s story to Paddington’s sad scene in the much-loved children’s film based on the British books from 60 years ago, which has captured the hearts of thousands. >>… RELATED POST: Stray Dog Found Sleeping On Trash Can’t Stop Hugging Her Rescuers

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