Thiago, a Dalmatian, was leading his owner on a walk when he suddenly dashed off like a bolt of lightning. Rey, his owner, followed Thiago’s clever nose into the woods and discovered a small, emaciated puppy lying in the dirt under some brush. Thiago’s owner knew they had to act quickly!

When Rey tried to pick up the puppy, it bit him out of fear. However, this did not deter Rey from rescuing the puppy. He fetched a box and a small rug from his car to protect his hands, picked up the little pup, and put it in his vehicle. Rey named the puppy Naithan and took him home.

Although Naithan was safe, he had a difficult start. The puppy was too scared to eat, and Rey was concerned that he might not survive. Luckily, a couple of days later, Naithan began to recover. He ate all of his food and slowly warmed up to his new human and dog sibling.

In a video, Rey explained that Naithan was actually Thiago’s puppy. It appeared that the Dalmatian had adopted the puppy for himself. The inseparable duo does everything together, and their bond is simply adorable. You must see it for yourself! Thanks to Thiago’s keen nose and Rey’s kind-heartedness, Naithan’s life was saved! >>… RELATED POST: Dalmatian Expected to Have Three Puppies, Surprisingly She Gave Birth to Eighteen Babies

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