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Dog finally finds a home after 477 days in shelter

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All dogs dream of finding a loving home, but it can take some longer than others to get adopted. Some dogs wait months or even years in the shelter, waiting for a family and watching many other dogs get picked over them.

But thankfully, one sweet dog’s long wait is finally over, as he’s been adopted after more than 450 days in the shelter.

Alexander was a resident at Wags and Walks, in Los Angeles, for about 15 months. According to KABC, he ended up there after being rescued from a crowded shelter, where his life was at risk.

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Alexander is about 3 years old. At 80 pounds, he’s been described as a “gentle giant.” His paperwork describes him as a shepherd/doberman mix, but the shelter thinks he also has “some dane” in him, according to a Facebook post.

Wags and Walks described Alexander as a sweet, happy dog who is always wagging his tail and has “never met a person [he] didn’t love.” They also described him as “very affection driven” and working on his leash skills.

Despite that, no one wanted to adopt Alexander. According to KABC, over 800 dogs found homes during his shelter, as Alexander was passed over every time.

“Seeing wonderful Alexander sitting and waiting for that amount of time through no fault of their own has been really hard and heartbreaking for all of us here at Wags,” Chloe Esperiquette, development manager at Wags and Walks, told the outlet.

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But now, Alexander’s long wait is finally over. On January 27, Wags and Walks announced that after 477 days, Alexander has been adopted!

“We’re so excited to share that thanks to this community and your support, after 477 days patiently waiting for a home, our sweet boy has headed to an adoption trial with an incredible family!” they wrote.

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We’re so glad Alexander has finally found a home! Please share this amazing news! ❤️

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