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Foster Dad Lovingly Sings To Foster Puppy And She Melts In His Arms

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The shelter welcomed Cholula, a friendly and expectant Pit Bull, with open arms. She loved to walk around and greet the staff, and everyone there quickly grew to love her in return. Then, one night after everyone had left for the day, Cholula gave birth to a healthy litter of one boy and seven girls.

Thom and Alicia, experienced in the rescue and foster communities, graciously offered to take in the entire family. Cholula’s behavior, however, became distant and anxious, which Thom understood was because of the added responsibility of protecting her newborn pups.

Thom converted his home office into a nursery to accommodate the growing family, and the furry clan settled in. The puppies nursed frequently, and Cholula was patient and attentive. However, she remained anxious and hesitant around the couple. Fortunately, Thom and Alicia’s dog, Ruby, provided a solution and helped Cholula feel safe.

As the puppies grew more independent, Cholula became more comfortable around her foster parents, and a new friendship was forged. Despite being exhausted from caring for her puppies, Thom and Alicia continued to provide love and support for Cholula and her furry family. Thom even serenaded the pups with his singing talents!

We are grateful to Thom and Alicia for their kindness in fostering dogs in need, and we’re thrilled that Cholula and her puppies have found a safe and loving home.

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