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Firefighters rescue truck driver’s dog from storm drain, reunite her with owner

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Firefighters from Cobb County Fire & Emergency Services in Cobb County, Georgia, rescued a dog named Trixie from a storm drain system and reunited her with her truck driver owner. Trixie, who travels with her owner, fell 12 feet into the sewer system and was trapped. The firefighters arrived on the scene and dropped an air monitoring device to assess the situation before setting up a rope system to lower a firefighter into the drain system. The firefighter rescued Trixie, who came right to the firefighter and was “happy to be rescued.” After a quick visit to the vet, Trixie was found to be a little banged up but will be okay.

The department shared a photo of the touching moment when Trixie reunited with her owner. Many people thanked the fire crew for their quick actions in rescuing Trixie. Dogs are beloved companions, and the truck driver’s love for Trixie was evident. It must have been terrifying for the owner to lose Trixie like that, but thankfully, the firefighters were able to reunite them. This heartwarming story is sure to bring a smile to everyone’s face. >>RELATED POST: Garbage truck driver finds thrown-away puppy on side of road and saves her life

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