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Once Wasting Away, Devoted Momma Dog Finds Forever Family

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People all over the internet have been touched by the tale of dedicated mama dog, Celeste. Despite being calm, gentle, and loving, two-year-old Celeste was heartlessly abandoned while pregnant. She was forced to live and give birth unprotected on the streets.

Then, due to her difficult set of circumstances, she practically wasted away to nothing as she did everything within her power to care for her precious puppies.

Life’s not easy for a dog living on the streets. Nevermind being forced to birth, feed, and then keep five puppies safe on top of it all. It’s no surprise that Celeste was so severely emaciated when she and her five puppies were found. Every spare nutrient was spent keeping her puppies’ bellies full and keeping herself warm in the winter cold.

“She was so thin and those puppies were just nursing like crazy, and she just did her job as a mom even though she was starving to death,” said Elaine, Celeste’s foster mom.

But despite their harsh start to life, Celeste’s puppies were found to be in near-perfect health. It was Celeste’s body that bore the wear of starvation as she fought to keep her five puppies alive. The devoted mom had done everything she could to keep them safe and healthy for an estimated five months. It was finally Celeste’s turn to experience a little TLC.

“Celeste would rather waste away than let her puppies starve. After a difficult life living outside, she has given everything to make sure her puppies are ok and it’s time that she is given the same love,” said the BC SPCA.

It felt like fate when Celeste and her puppies were welcomed into the home of BC SPCA foster mom Elaine Nelson-Hosak. Celeste came into her life shortly after the death of her best friend. It was almost as if the timing was pre-planned. They needed each other. Celeste and her puppies needed love and care, and who better to fill the ache of a broken heart than the unconditional love of a canine companion?

Then, slowly but surely, and thanks to a strictly regimented “refeeding” plan, Celeste was able to gain weight and build strength. Her body responded well to having six small, nutrient-dense meals per day, and it wasn’t long before she was at a healthy 90 pounds. Plus, four out of her five puppies found forever homes close-by, and they have already had an adorable reunion.

From the way she responded so well to treatment, and because she bonded so deeply with her foster mom, it became overwhelmingly clear that she had already found her forever home. Now Celeste, more affectionately called “Momma,” is living life as a pampered pup, enjoying snuggles with her family on the couch, and keeping cozy by the fire. It’s quite the contrast from her harsh life on the streets. No longer is she wasting away, but she’s finally where she belongs. Momma is finally warm, well-loved, and safe.

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