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He Sat By The Road Missing His ‘Once-Shiny’ Coat And Needing Love

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The worst-looking stray this rescuer had ever seen was sitting by the road. While most would advise doing the “right” thing and putting the dog out of its misery, this boy demonstrated that he had a lot of life left in him.

Image/Story Source Credit: The Dodo via Facebook Watch

When he stepped out of the transporter’s vehicle, he lifted his head and smiled broadly!

Image/Story Source Credit: The Dodo via Facebook Watch

The dog had the desire to keep going and proved it every step of the way. And as he got better and better, his true appearance began to show.

Image/Story Source Credit: The Dodo via Facebook Watch

His fur was orange at first. Then white patches were added! Finally, Raleigh would discover his ideal companion in life, and it’s a wonderful thing to behold. Please be sure to watch this heartwarming video below ALL the way until the end!

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