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Famous Police Dog Survives Shooting And Gets Heroic Welcome Home

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Arlo the police dog is brave, strong, and TikTok famous. The Thurston County police dog spent the past year growing his TikTok following, sharing adorable videos of his daily adventures. He now has 1.5 million followers, which made him pretty proud of himself.

But even celebrities can fall on hard times. Poor Arlo was critically injured in a shooting on the job. Vets weren’t sure if he would make it, but he kept on fighting. Now, the brave hero is healing and ready to walk again. His friends and family even welcomed him home with a grand gesture.


A Heroic Sacrifice

The life of a police dog is never easy, but Arlo always worked hard and protected those in danger. But sometimes, it can be hard for heroes to protect themselves too. Recently, Arlo accompanied police as they pursued an armed driver. Once the chase came to an end, the suspect continuously fired his gun, injuring himself and Arlo.

Arlo suffered from two gunshots: one in his leg and one that went into his shoulder and neck. He was in rough condition, so he was rushed to the vet as quickly as possible. They stabilized him and treated the bullet wound in his leg, but he had to be transported to another vet for the second wound, which was close to his spine. Before the surgery, vets suspected he only had a 60% chance of survival.

Image: @officialk9arlo/Instagram

“When they cleaned and inspected the bullet wound in the other leg, they were amazed at the lack of injury, saying that the bullet missed K-9 Arlo’s knee by less than a centimeter and that if it had hit the knee, amputation would have been likely,” deputies said.

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Thankfully, Arlo’s surgery was a success. He hasn’t fully healed yet, but he’s headed in the right direction. Soon after, he was able to walk again with some assistance.

Welcome Home, Arlo!

After some time to recover at the vet, Arlo was able to return to his loving home. He received a police escort home and the most heartwarming welcome he could’ve imagined.

Image: @officialk9arlo/Instagram

“Nearly the entire trip home K-9 Arlo and Deputy Turpin had a Police Escort with lights and sirens, starting from OSU by the OSU PD,” deputies wrote. “When Deputy Turpin and K-9 Arlo arrived home, they were greeted by neighbors, friends, firefighters, fellow K-9 handlers from multiple organizations from local and surrounding counties, and a multitude of law enforcement officers from all local agencies and surrounding county and police agencies. It was quite humbling! Arlo is currently at home resting with his family.”

Arlo’s injuries might cause arthritis and other problems for him, so he will not be returning to duty. Instead, he’ll get to spend the rest of his life relaxing with people who love him. He was only with Thurston County Sheriff’s Office for a little over a year, but he saved many lives and made a huge impression. His hard work and dedication will never be forgotten.

Watch Arlo’s Welcome Home Video:

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