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Family Going On Vacation Leave Their Dog In Kennel & Hope The Dog Stops Weeping

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Igor the Bulldog had never been away from his family for a single day. The happy youngster would always accompany his parents and siblings about, sporting a large grin. But when the family decided to go on holiday to Thailand over Easter, they discovered that they wouldn’t be able to bring Igor with them.

Image (Screenshot)/Story Video Source Credit: JordanVetHvordan Channel via YouTube Video

The family approached a local kennel for Igor’s living arrangements during their trip. While the parents knew Igor would be safe and well-cared-for in the kennel, they were still consumed with guilt about leaving their dog all alone.

Igor was their darling, and the thought of leaving him behind in a lonely kennel cage upset them. On the day of their departure, Igor sensed that something was not right. He had the saddest look on his face as the family drove him to the kennel. Poor Igor was immediately depressed when the family walked him inside the kennel. However, no one knew Dad had planned a special surprise for him!

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Image (Screenshot)/Story Video Source Credit: JordanVetHvordan Channel via YouTube Video

As it turns out, Dad had spent the past few days revamping Igor’s room in the kennel to make it look just like home. From miniature versions of the furniture to the photos on the wall, Dad had replicated everything to bring comfort to Igor and make him miss them less.

Image (Screenshot)/Story Video Source Credit: JordanVetHvordan Channel via YouTube Video

Igor’s stay in the kennel was made stress-free thanks to Dad’s thoughtful gesture. He socialized with the other dogs in the kennel and rested comfortably in his room, knowing that his parents would be returning soon!

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Click the video below to watch how Dad’s beautiful surprise turned Igor’s kennel stay into a mini vacation!

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