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Bait Puppy Collapses In Front Of Stranger’s House And Homeowner Rushes To Save His Life

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Sweet Jax is a Pit Bull puppy who defied what many believe are impossible odds to survive. He’s a five-month-old Pit Bull pup with injuries so bad that many people and dogs would have died without immediate medical care. His face and neck were slashed, his eyes were closed shut, and he was breathing heavily.

Image/Story Source Credit: YouTube Video

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His tail was the only indication that he was alive. The vet informed me that his condition is excellent, despite the fact that it didn’t appear to be the case. He was stitched up, and Jax spent two weeks in intensive care receiving medical therapy as well as loving attention. Jax’s will to live is reemerging, and he’s completely turned from a near-death puppy to one full of life! Jax regains his strength completely!

The organization that is assisting Jax believes he may have been a victim of a dog fighting ring. They made this video to raise awareness about the problem and document Jax’s recovery journey. Their key message to us: If you see something, or if you think it’s happening, please report it! To say nothing, to do nothing, is ineffective! Nothing is stopped when we remain silent.

Image/Story Source Credit: YouTube Video

Jax is proof that dogs are being harmed by this abhorrent pastime, and if he could fight so bravely to live, can we not do the same?

Watch this heartwarming story that we promise a happy ending! Please be sure to SHARE this with a fellow friend or family member!

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