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Woman Weeping At Graveside Looks Up And Sees An ‘Angel’

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It can be difficult to find comfort when one is depressed, especially when one is mourning the loss of a loved one.

But grieving Mara José Sáez Orte found comfort in her.

One day, Orte was visibly distraught when she visited the final burial place of a close friend who had recently passed away. She began weeping as she knelt before their tomb, but shortly a person appeared to console her.

It was a typical dog. He had come to share both his warm presence and a loving paw.

“Today, I went to say goodbye to the person I loved the most,” Orte said in his post. and then this puppy showed up.”

Here is a video of that incident:


hoy fui a despedirme de la persona que más he querido porque yo también decidía irme y llegó este perrito 🙁

♬ Home – Edith Whiskers

Numerous readers who read about this meeting after Orte posted it online called the dog his “guardian angel,” and perhaps they were correct. It appears like Orte needed the visit the most at that particular time.

Orte left the pup that day, but he remained in her thoughts. When she returned to the cemetery to look for him, she discovered that the dog had his own “guardian angels.” He was apparently originally a stray but is now being looked after by staff members who feed and shelter him.

Sadly, not much else is known about the dog. However, it’s likely that Orte was neither the first nor the last person the compassionate dog consoled.

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