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Woman Drives To A ‘Dog Dumping Ground’ At 4 AM And Sees A Dog Staring At Her

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Judy Obregon, from “The Abandoned Ones (TAO) Dog Rescue,” has been driving past Texas’ Echo Lake roads at 4 a.m. every day for the last 10 years. The remote area is notorious as a dumping ground for unwanted dogs, and Judy’s daily dawn search is only to find them before they get lost or harmed.

Image/Story Credit Source: YouTube Video – TheDodo

Judy has saved several animals from being abandoned in this cursed no man’s land over the years. The moment they hear her kind voice calling them out, scared, injured, and abused dogs wag their tails with delight. Every time Judy sees these feline castaways, she breaks down in tears, yet this gloomy inflow never seems to cease.

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Image/Story Credit Source: YouTube Video – TheDodo

Judy takes the dogs to the rescue in her vehicle, since they are in a distressed emotional state as a result of being abandoned. The grateful newborns embrace their saviour with overflowing adoration as they leave this desolate location for good. These discarded animals are then taken to the shelter, where they will be prepared for another opportunity at happiness.

Image/Story Credit Source: YouTube Video – TheDodo

This video clip summarizes Judy’s selfless rescue operations over the last decade. Her ability to pluck dogs from grim dumping circumstances and direct them to wonderful life with her is amazing! The before-and-after photos near the end had us shedding tears! She’s a real hero!

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