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Golden ‘Unicorn’ Puppy Has One Ear At The Top Of Her Head

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Rae defies the belief that all Golden Retrievers have the same appearance. After a birth mishap left her missing the other ear, she was only born with one. It’s thought that her mother was playing with her too roughly so urgent surgery to remove her ear was required.

Image/Story (Screenshot) Credit: Good Morning America via YouTube Video

As Rae developed, one of the staff members at Family Friends Veterinary Hospital in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Brianna Aardema, realized she wanted to raise Rae. She arrived at her house with only one ear that moved to the top of her head, making her look like a unicorn pup!

Image/Story (Screenshot) Credit: Good Morning America via YouTube Video

Rae unfortunately lost one of her ears, but she gratefully still has the other. She is still a very lively and content Golden Retriever puppy in spite of this! In fact, after witnessing images of her ‘unicorn ear’ go viral, she has won the hearts of people all around the world.

Image/Story (Screenshot) Credit: Good Morning America via YouTube Video

Rae is already having so much fun in her new home and she will continue to get all the love and care she needs! Click the video below to watch Rae’s amazing story!

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