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Shih Tzu Survives Coyote Attack Because Of The Collar She Had On At The Time

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Two Shih Tzus belonging to the family were playing in the backyard when a coyote appeared out of nowhere on home surveillance footage.

At first, it appears that the dogs are trying to play, but things quickly turn spooky when Brodie runs toward the coyote.

The coyote is following her the next second as she flees for her life. The coyote tries to escape the yard by grabbing the 13-pound dog by the neck.

However, Brodie escapes the assault because of the collar she was sporting.

The coyote was shocked when it attempted to cross the boundary of the yard because Brodie was wearing a collar that paired with the house’s invisible electronic fence.

The little electrical shock was sufficient to startle the coyote, which was holding the dog by the collar and dropping it when it received it.

Brodie is likely to heal fully despite suffering only a few small puncture wounds.

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