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Homeless Blue-Eyed Husky Rescued From The Tracks Of A Ghost Town

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Hope For Paws set out for rescue after receiving a message about a homeless dog in a ghost town. Eldad and Loreta would arrive with treats in hand, but the Husky didn’t seem interested. He didn’t trust people and stayed near the tracks of an active train. They thought to go get a cheeseburger and try again.

Rescuers would spend many more hours trying to lure the blue-eyed dog over, but he just wouldn’t have it. So they would need to actively go and capture him. They set a net around the perimeter and cornered him. Using the gentle snare, they finally had him in their possession! There was no way they were going to let him spend another scary night here.

They named him Prince and headed back for necessary care and spa treatment after spending so much time on the dirty streets. The Husky would need to take some training lessons, but it wouldn’t be long until he found the perfect forever home. Amazing! 🙂

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