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Ricky Gervais Fights To Save 85-Year-Old’s Terrier From Euthanasia

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Donal Rogers, an 85-year-old man, may lose his cherished canine companion. His 5-year-old Kim, a Jack Russell Terrier, had never been aggressive before, but a recent encounter resulted in her biting a stranger.

One Mistake Puts Life at Risk

Sadly, even if the dog bite was justifiable or only happened once, it might still result in the killing of the dog. Rogers, like many others in this circumstance, never imagined Kim would bite anyone. His dearest companion is the small Terrier, and he finds it impossible to picture life without her.

Kim was outside with Rogers, a former police officer in Ireland, when she unintentionally bit a passerby. This was the woman’s third dog bite, according to a Twitter user, and the prior two dogs were put down. She then attempted to have Kim put down right away. But according to Rogers, Kim hasn’t bitten anyone since or before the event.

Rogers claimed he made four attempts to reason with the woman but to no avail. He suggested to keep Kim muzzled in public, work with a dog behaviorist, or confine her to a fenced-in area when she was outdoors. But she remained steadfast, regardless of his recommendations. She can only be content if Kim is put to death. For Rogers, the court appearances have been extremely stressful.

“I have a heart condition, and I have a pacemaker fitted. I was brought in for a checkup on the pacemaker last week and they were able to figure out from the reaction of the pacemaker on the days of the court, the pacemaker reacted and went faster,” Rogers said. “I am unable to sleep, especially in the early morning.”

Save Kim!

Rogers has received a lot of support online and has had money collected for him, but he can’t do anything without the woman changing her mind. A Twitter user even contacted Gervais because of his strong support for animals. In the hopes that it might be helpful, he forwarded the article.

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“This is so sad and frustrating. Anyone out there know how this dog can be saved?” Gervais wrote on Twitter.

Although the fundraising is now over, the campaign to preserve Rogers’ dog is still being promoted. Before this tragedy, Kim and Rogers had a tranquil existence, and they simply want things to go back to the way they were. Kim, who has won numerous regional dog events, snoozes at Rogers’ feet. She plays a significant role in Rogers’ life, and he claims that if she is put down, he would miss her dearly.

No one is condoning the dog bite, of course, but the majority of dog lovers concur that Kim and Rogers’ life shouldn’t be destroyed as a result, especially when Rogers is prepared to go to any lengths to keep Kim alive. In order for Kim to continue living next to her closest friend, Ricky Gervais and other Rogers’ supporters are pleading with the court to grant their request.

Watch Rogers’ Interview Here:

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