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Veteran Climbs 100 Feet Into Ravine To Rescue Crying Puppy

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An Ohio citizen reported a crying puppy in a ravine to a local humane society. They suspected that the puppy fell 80 to 100 feet down into the ravine, so he was too far down for any bystanders to help him. When staff from the humane society arrived, they were also unable to scale the 100 feet to save the dog. So, they welcomed any help they could get.

Luckily, a Good Samaritan unexpectedly came to the rescue and saved the puppy’s life. That kind stranger is now being honored in several ways, including the puppy’s unique name.

Tiny Puppy Trapped

Ross County Humane Society arrived at the scene as soon as they heard about the puppy, but they had no way to rescue him. The puppy was only eight weeks old, and they could hear his desperate cries for help. So, they posted a plea on social media to see if anyone could assist them.

“Today we received a call about a puppy who had fallen down a ravine approximately 80-100 feet and landed on a slate ledge near a small waterfall. We sent staff out to see if they could safely retrieve the 8 week old mixed breed pup and it was quickly determined they could not,” Ross County Humane Society wrote on Facebook.

Several organizations and individuals offered to help, but Joe Lawhorn was the one who saved the day. Lawhorn is a veteran, cyclist, and friend of the shelter. He didn’t hesitate to go 100 feet into the ravine to save the puppy’s life.

The puppy seemed to be doing well despite the trauma, but the shelter sent him to North Fork Animal Clinic just to be safe. After an examination, he was released to the shelter and ready to begin his new life.

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The Cyclist Puppies

Ross County Humane Society ended up naming the puppy Kenda in honor of Lawhorn. One of his cycling sponsors is Kenda Tire Road N Gravel. When Kenda arrived at the shelter, there were a few other puppies similar in age. So, the shelter named them all after cycling sponsors too. Kenda already adores the other puppies.

“The puppies were all named in honor of Joe and his cycling sponsors. Kenda, Rudy, Irwin, Marque, and Fuji will be available for adoption in just a few days,” wrote Ross County Humane Society. “Thank you to the staff and everyone in the community who stepped up to help this puppy.”

The puppies aren’t up for adoption yet, but they likely will be soon. Lawhorn’s dedication to saving Kenda is incredible, so he deserves to be honored as much as possible. He’s the reason the puppy is alive and well today!

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