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Three-Legged Dog Has An Itch He Can’t Scratch So His Buddy Lends Him A Paw

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I’m convinced that we don’t deserve dogs. They’re so sweet and nurturing to others. It’s amazing just how caring and compassionate they can be to both their humans, as well as other animals around them.

Nothing embodies this better than the touching video that has been making the rounds online.


When Myriam Rangel was at a food market close to her home in Tepic, Mexico, she ended up witnessing the sweetest thing possible: a moment of pure, unfiltered kindness between canine friends.

As it transpired, one of the dogs in the video was a little three-legged pooch. While he was able to motor along just fine, there was one problem that he had: an itch.


It seemed that without his leg, he was unable to reach the itch, therefore couldn’t get any scratching relief. But, this pup’s friend was close nearby, therefore he was able to lend a helping paw…and it was so very sweet.

As Myriam explained in the video’s caption, “Unfortunately, here in the Market there are many abandoned puppies, they are love and here is a small sample.”


In the video, we see the three-legged dog’s stump moving, but obviously, he couldn’t get the itch. That is when the dog’s buddy comes over and begins to gently nibble at the spot, helping his friend reach his itch. It was quite a wonderful gesture.

Watch the adorable display of friendship down below:

@myriamrangel74 Aquí en el Mercado por desgracia hay muchos perritos abandonados, ellos son un amor y aquí una pequeña muestra #fyp #mercado #abasto #perro #abandona #amor #fiel #cuidalos #amistad #empatia #resilencia #sabado #dios #cafe #cuidalos ♬ Yo Soy Tu Amigo Fiel – SantaJulia

What do you think of these two little pooches? Have you ever seen your dog do something similar with a buddy of theirs? Let us know!

🐕 We are a small group of dog-loving people who decided to undertake this small project to help dogs that are abandoned in the streets. Using a % of the money raised from sales, we take care of feeding them and grant them a home to live in.

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