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Missing Labrador Travelled 57-miles to Go to Her Previous Home

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A yellow Labrador named Cleo went missing and was found in her owner’s previous home. Cleo was last seen in their Kansas home and a week later showed up in their former home in Missouri.

The new owner of the house, Michael and Britney were surprised when they saw the unfamiliar dog on their front porch.

‘She got out of her car and said, “Where did the dog come from?”‘ Michael told KMBC. They said that when they discover Cleo on their front porch she was nervous.

‘She wouldn’t let us quite come near her,’ Michael added. Later they know that their porch used to be one of Cleo’s favorite spots – more than two years ago.

Cleo was then brought to the vet and there they discovered that she had a microchip. After scanning, they discovered that Cleo belongs to the previous owner of the house.

Weeks earlier, Cleo’s missing act was posted by her owner. Michael then called Cleo’s owner and they were shocked where Cleo has been.

‘It’s the most bizarre story,’ Cleo’s owner, Drew, stated. ‘Really, she’s everything to us and my mother…It just feels good to be reunited with her.’

Watch Cleo’s story below.

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