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Dog Cried All Night As No One Picks Her, Shelter Posts Her Photo As A ‘Last Resort’

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High Plains Humane Society (HPHS) of New Mexico has a long history of caring for stray and rescue dogs. They photograph the shelter dogs on a regular basis in order to enhance their visibility among pet owners.

The volunteers of HPHS visited an associate shelter and captured the photo of a devastated puppy on one of their trips. The photograph shows the puppy, who appears to be looking through her cage toward someone who will rescue her and give her a wonderful home.

Image/Story Source Credit: Facebook/High Plains Humane Society

The hearts of pet lovers all over the world were broken when HPHS posted this photo on social media. People poured in with adoption requests after seeing the dog’s sad, defeated eyes.

Image/Story Source Credit: Facebook/High Plains Humane Society

A woman was chosen as the constant companion for the dog, and, in her new environment, the dog became a cheerful infant in no time. We are ecstatic about this amazing development! Every dog that needs a loving and caring home may find it through our campaign.

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