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Partners-In-Crime Caught Red-Handed Stealing Snacks From The Refrigerator

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Dogs and children make perfect little companions. But sometimes, the pairing is a little too perfect for their own good!

As much good as they bring to this world, the partners-in-crime can just as easily scheme up some sneaky, mischievous shenanigans together. 😉

Image/Story Source Credit: Rumble Video via YouTube Video

The Dad in the video below walked into the kitchen because it’d been a little too quiet for a little too long, and he was right to go look.

The “snack bandits” were caught red-handed — and red-pawed! His little girl and dog had helped each other get into the refrigerator to get to their favorite snacks.

Image/Story Source Credit: Rumble Video via YouTube Video

“Busted!” Dad called out upon catching them! But neither one of them showed any kind of regret or remorse for what they’d done.

Fortunately for us, it was all caught on camera, and you have to see it play out. Too funny! 😀

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