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Street Dog Paralyzed In Horrific Car Crash Runs On The Beach With His New Wheels

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When Phaedra witnessed a small white dog not only get hit by a car but then fly 14 feet over the side of a bridge, she thought there was almost no way he could have survived.

But something in her heart told her that she needed to go back and look for him. If not her, who would? So she turned her car around and headed back to see if she could help the little dog.

Once she pulled off the road and peeked over the side of the overpass, Phaedra could see that by some miracle, he was still alive! But as she climbed down and got closer, she saw that the sweet Mexican street pup was seriously injured, wet, and shaking.

As Phaedra inspected the sweet pup, her heart sank. He seemed to have lost the use of his back legs. She wasted no time wrapping him up in a blanket, getting him into her car, and heading straight to a veterinarian’s office. They took one look at him and knew he would never walk again. His spine was severed, and he was paralyzed.

“When I saw him on the X-ray table, I just thought ‘I’m going to do whatever I can to give this dog the best life possible,’” said Phaedra.

So when she was told that her two options were to put him down or get him fitted for a wheelchair, she looked into his big beautiful eyes and determined to do everything she could to save him. He still seemed to have such a will to live.

Once the street pup had his “legs back,” he lit up and literally started smiling. Plus, he was flying around so fast that he earned himself the nickname “Speedy.” Slowly but surely, Speedy started to show his playful personality, and Phaedra could see the joy in his eyes.

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But while she adored him, she knew she couldn’t give him his best life. Phaedra lives in a hilltop town in Mexico with tons of steep inclines and solely cobblestone streets. That’s not exactly the ideal atmosphere for a wheelchair-bound pup.

Phaedra was determined to find the perfect new home for Speedy, and for some reason, she was sure it was in sunny California. That’s when Debbie, dog trainer and wheelchair dog mama, contacted her and expressed interest in adding Speedy to her family.

It was love at first sight for Debbie, and not only did she hope to train Speedy as a therapy dog, she also happened to be based in California.

Now, Speedy is living an incredible life at the beach and is constantly smothered in love. You can keep up with Speedy and follow him on his many adventures via Facebook and Instagram.

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